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White Caps At British Dance Edition 2012News/Entries/2012/1/18_White_Caps_At_British_Dance_Edition_2012.html
Champloo’s White Caps has been selected with the best of Britain’s Dance works from the last 2 years to be show cased to an international delegation of promoters in london next month...News/Entries/2012/1/18_White_Caps_At_British_Dance_Edition_2012.html
White Caps on Tour in CanadaNews/Entries/2012/2/15_White_Caps_on_tour_in_Canada.html
Wilkie Branson Wins 2012 Arts Foundation AwardNews/Entries/2012/1/18_Wilkie_Branson_Shortlisted.html
Champloo Residency at Pavilion DanceNews/Entries/2012/1/18.html